Technical Program

A diverse program of technical presentations – oral and poster – is being developed. Including, 

  • A plenary address by Dr. H.N. Cheng, 2020 American Chemical Society President-Elect;

  • Over 30 symposia or invited sessions covering the main branches of chemistry;

  • A program geared to undergraduates, including a symposium and networking opportunities; and

  • Career Navigator and professional development tracks.


This list will grow as the program develops.  The 2020 Joint SWRM - SERMACS Regional Meeting will have programming for all levels of chemical professionals.  Come check us out.

Analytical Chemistry

  • Concerns and Chemistry of the Agriculture Street Landfill in New Orleans; Are Landfills Safe Places for Communities

  • Forensic Toxicology


Bio-Inorganic Chemistry

  • Don Kurtz: A Career in Metalloprotein Chemistry


Cellulose and Renewable Materials

  • Biomass Treatment and Bio-based Materials

  • Biomaterials and Bioenergy



  • Project SEED


Computational Chemistry

  • Molecular Education Research Consortium in Undergrad Computational  (MERCURY)

Energy and Fuel

  • Energy & The Environment


Environmental Chemistry

  • Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill - 10 Years Later


Undergraduate Program

Food Chemistry

  • Food Allergies


History of Chemistry

Inorganic Chemistry

  • Advances in Main Group Chemistry

  • Pincer Chemistry

  • Inorganic Materials Chemistry



  • Neutron Scattering


Materials Chemistry

  • Non-linear Optics

  • Nanoscale Heating


Computational Medicinal Chemistry

  • Structure Based Drug Design


Nuclear Chemistry

  • Nuclear & Radiochemistry


Organic Chemistry

  • New Reactions and Methodologies

  • Synthetic Organic Chemistry


Physical Chemistry

  • Nanoparticle Synthesis, Spectroscopy and Applications

  • Ionic Liquid

  • Advancing Infrared Spectroscopic Techniques and Vibrational Sensing

  • Chemistry in Small Volumes

  • Computational Treatment of Noncovalent Interactions


Polymer Chemistry

  • Functional Polymers: From Synthesis to Applications


Additional Symposia and sessions on:

  • Minority Affairs

  • Chemical Business Best Practice

  • Symposium Honoring John and Sharon Vercollti

  • High School Teacher Program

  • Chemical Safety

  • Career  Navigator Courses

  • ACS Leadership Courses

  • Outreach Activity

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